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  • ETTA opens 3nd Day Program group
  • New ETTA office location open in Hancock Park

ETTA programs and services are vendored by the California Regional Center system. To locate a Regional Center in your area, please visit their website. To file appeals, complaints and/or comments, please visit the California Department of Developmental Services' web page or call 916-654-1987.



J-CHAI Case Management and Specialized Support
J-CHAI™ is ETTA´s concierge case management and specialized support service. J-CHAI™ offers all the support of ETTA’s SLS or ILS services, but with a “concierge” component that expands the range and hours of services available. Through J-CHAI™, clients receive ongoing support that enables them to live where and with whom they wish, to pursue jobs and internships, and to construct a life filled with social events, friends, and any Jewish practices desired.
J-CHAI™ allows parents to be just that – parents – instead of also functioning as an adult son or daughter’s full-time, on-call case manager. An ETTA supervisor takes over those functions and becomes the client’s main contact person regarding all day-to-day needs. Parents experience the joys of their son’s or daughter’s accomplishments and growth without the constant research, upkeep, and worry. In other words, J-CHAI allows parents of young men and women with disabilities to experience the normal rites of passage that all parents experience, as their children grow into adults and become independently able to plan their lives, keep up with their health, and pursue hobbies.
J-CHAI™’s target population is high-functioning adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, as well as other cognitive, emotional, physical and learning differences (and their families).
J-CHAI™ is for:
·      Those who need/want a complete, concierge service option package
·      Those who need a few extra concierge hours to complement SLS or ILS, whether to pursue of a special hobby or to receive direct support interfacing with the myriad of service-providing organizations in Los Angeles.
·      Those who, for any reason, do not qualify for Regional Center funding
It’s hard to say what services J-CHAI™ provides, because the program is, truly, completely customized for each individual – and even for a given individual, is constantly remolded as needs change. J-CHAI is a complete service option.
Examples of some of J-CHAI™’s possibilities:
·      Allowing parents to be parents, rather than case managers
·      Coordinating with outside providers
·      Managing all aspects of care desired
·      24-hour, on-call access to a care manager
·      Providing service to those who, for any reason, don’t qualify for Regional Center funding
·      Community-resource liaison
·      Emergency preparedness planning
·      Health care coordination
·      Instruction in daily independent living skills and leisure activities:
  • Shopping
  • Money Management
  • Meal Planning & Cooking
  • Household Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Locating Housing & Roommates
  • Transportation
  • Personal Health and Hygiene
  • Medication Assistance
  • Community Resource Awareness
  • Other Day-to-Day Tasks
·      Social activities
·      Friendly visits by volunteers
·      Access to vocational training, volunteer opportunities and job placement
·      Recreational programming
·      Support of needs and identification of life goals
·      Pursuing relationships
·      Mentoring
·      Community projects
·      Pursuing hobbies, travel, and the like
J-CHAI™ works with clients, at their request, to help them find Jewish friends, a spiritual home that meets their needs and a way to celebrate Jewish holidays. This level of support provides comfort to families who want their adult children to be integrated into the Jewish community. 
ETTA’s vision is an inclusive community of people with and without special needs, succeeding and growing together. ETTA brings its 20 years of experience in residential, supported living, social, educational, and community-wide advocacy to J-CHAI™ services. ETTA´s approach to J-CHAI™ services is caring, person-centered, safe, Jewish, and professional.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page
If you, a family member, or someone you know may need J-CHAI™in order to attain life goals and dreams, exercise personal choice, achieve competence in day-to-day areas of life, and pursue dignified relationships with family, friends, and community, please contact us:
Claudia Wenger, Director of ILS & SLS 818-985-3882 ext. 300;  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Josh Taff, Director of Outreach & Jewish Life 818-985-3882 ext. 238;  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it