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  • ETTA opens 3rd Day Program group in Pico
  • ETTA to open new Day Program in the Conejo Valley in Jan. 2016! 
  • New ETTA office location open in Hancock Park

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The ETTA "E"
Last Day 2015
It's hard to believe but today was the last day of Summer@ETTA 2015 (photos here). Everything we did, made us a little sad. We started our day with our incredible prayer, and then continued with our closing activity. Each participant and his or her counselor came to the center of the circle, and shared their favorite memory of Summer@ETTA. Then hands were dipped in paint, and each counselor and participant completed a handprint. This was to signify that although today was the last day, we are part of each others' lives forever. We then had an incredible lunch and came back together to the auditorium for our closing ceremony. As each person was called up for their last Yasher Koach Award, some tears were shed, hugs were shared, and none of us could believe that this summer went by so quickly! We had a wonderful end-of-the season song performance by everyone of the song Lean On Me, as well as a quick fitness challenge by Jake of ZOOZ Fitness. And after we said all of our goodbyes, we all said we would see each other next year. Can't wait for another incredible Summer@ETTA.
Talent Show Day
Today was Talent Show Day! The talent show featured some amazing talent including covers from many decades ranging from Johnny Cash and Queen to Taylor Swift and Yaakov Schwekey (photos here)! We also had some never-heard-before original songs and musicals and an amazing painting illusion! All of us at Summer@ETTA were so wowed by the amazing talent of our fellow participants! Then we had an amazing Israeli lunch by Chef Dudu! I love falafel, especially authentic Israeli falafel. I felt like I was in Tel Aviv! Then we relaxed in the Gofman pool (boys) and Mellon pool (girls) and thanked them with signed ETTA tshirts for being the most incredible hosts ever!!  And our closing circle was bittersweet....only one day left! See you tomorrow!
East Meets West
Welcome to "East Meets West" Day (photos here)! We had Nate Altschuler come today, with his entire family who are all black belts! He told us the inspirational story of their family. He has a son who was born with special needs, and he was told that child could not play in the playground and be involved in a physical education program. He found a martial arts program for his son, and enrolled him. His son became a black belt, as did the entire family. They did an incredible martial arts demonstration, and taught self defense moves to all of us! Then we learned how to make sushi, and we loved eating it as well. Special thanks to the Coen family for teaching us how to make sushi.  After a yummy lunch, we loaded the buses to cool off at the pool. We love relaxing at the pool!  Closing circle, back at YULA, was awesome. Can't wait till tomorrow!  Talent show will be incredible.
Amazing Race
Who can believe today was the start of Week Five? As we welcomed some new friends, a few of us were sad as it was the beginning of our last week. We had a wonderful time at Rancho Park as we did team building exercises, and really supported each other as we did our physically grueling exercises (photos here). Then we came back to campus for our wonderful lunch created by Chef Dudu. We then loaded our buses for the pool and really enjoyed it, as it was so hot outside. After our incredible closing circle we said goodbye. We cannot wait for tomorrow!
Last Friday 2015
Fridays at Summer@ETTA are our favorite day of the week. This week was Animal Day (photos here)! After our incredible tefillah, we split into three groups, baking challah, learning about the Torah portion of the week hosted by our very own Jonah Sieger, and our giving back to the community. Our activity this Friday was making friendship bracelets with Ora Sery for soldiers in the hospital, so they know they are not alone. And a shout out to our CAP participants who delivered many meals for Meals on Wheels this Friday. Then we had a great pizza and salad lunch and began our Shabbat party, where we received our Yashar Koach awards for something we have worked on this week, welcomed Shabbat, and danced, topping it all off with an ice cream party hosted by parents of our counselors. 
Can't wait for next week! 
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