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The ETTA "E"
Science Center
After our rousing prayers, we all got on the buses for our FIRST field trip of the summer. When we arrived at the California Science Center (see photos here), we got to see ourselves in infrared and see how much infrared radiation we produce. We got to experience an actual earthquake.  We met Tess, who showed us how the human body works. We saw the Jerusalem 3-D IMAX, and we felt like we had just visited Jerusalem. We touched Endeavour's actual tires and then we got to see the space shuttle. We then went back in our buses and arrived back at YULA and had our fantastic closing circle. Tomorrow we are off for fourth of July, but we cannot wait to see you on Monday. Hollywood Day will be incredible, and we are going on a surprise trip so please make sure to wear your Summer@ETTA T-shirts. It's been an exciting week!
Bootcamp Day
Today was Bootcamp Day (check out photos here). After our incredible tefillah, we had our bootcamp snack, granola bars. Then we each got our own personalized Summer@ETTA sweatbands. We did bootcamp fitness with Jake from ZOOZ fitness. We had amazing obstacle courses. Then we watched a video about people who go through bootcamp every day, our IDF soldiers, and we learned all about their sacrifice. We wrote them thank you letters. After a delicious lunch from Chef Dudu, we cooled off swimming. Can't wait until trip day tomorrow!
Craft & Create Day
Today was Craft and Create Day (to view pics, go to our Facebook page). After a spirited beginning, we had our very own craft and create snack, where we created our own Smores. Then we met Melissa, the owner of Meli Music and an expert in neurology & music. She entertained and helped us participate in an incredible musical program. We also crafted and created our own toothbrush holder and learned how to conserve water while brushing our teeth. Lunch by Chef Dudu was amazing as usual: chicken, rice and salad. Then we cooled off in the swimming pool and came back and said goodbye to all in our closing circle. Tomorrow is Boot Camp Day. It's sure to be an exciting day!
First Day 2015!
Welcome to Summer@ETTA! Everyone was super excited this morning for our first day (to view pics, go to our Facebook page). We started out with our beautiful interactive prayers, and had awesome churros which broke out today's surprise theme: Carnival Day! There is no better way to get to know each other, then to play interactive games together.  We had jousting, we had a boxing moonbounce, we had a basketball tournament, we had an air blaster, and finally, we had dunk tanks where we were able to dunk our head staff. We then continued inside with more carnival dance games, and more carnival treats. Finally we had our first closing circle where many of our new friends already began to share. Looking forward to another amazing day!
The Friendship of Pesach and Mr. LL

Pesach Menkes, 25, comes from a traditional Orthodox home. He is a lively individual, always with a smile on his face. He began attending ETTA’s Isak Boruchin Adult Day Program this past winter and has been deemed the “jokester” of his group. Louis Levine, 63, who introduces himself as Mr. LL, also attends the ETTA day program. Mr. LL likes to move at a slower pace, he enjoys talking about food and relaxing. Mr. LL does not appreciate jokes, taking everything for face value. 

As one could imagine, their differing personalities did not mesh right away.

An ETTA Direct Support Professional (DSP) recognized in Pesach his eagerness to help others. One afternoon, when their group paid a visit to the Getty Museum, an ETTA DSP saw the opportunity for the two very different individuals to bond. He suggested that Pesach offer to push Mr. LL’s wheelchair. Pesach was enthusiastic for the opportunity to help and Mr. LL hesitantly accepted the offer. The two spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the Getty Museum with staff encouraging and facilitating their communication and teamwork. Since that day, the dynamic between Mr. LL and Pesach changed. Mr. LL has his own staff member who is careful to step back and let Pesach lend a hand to build their unique friendship.

The Isak Boruchin Adult Day Program serves as a “classroom without walls”.  We learn to work as a part of team, with individuals with individuals having different backgrounds and abilities. The day program discovers our participant’s strengths and uses these strengths to build a kind, growing and active community. 
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