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  • ETTA opens 3rd Day Program group in Pico
  • ETTA to open new Day Program in the Conejo Valley in Jan. 2016! 
  • New ETTA office location open in Hancock Park

ETTA programs and services are vendored by the California Regional Center system. To locate a Regional Center in your area, please visit their website. To file appeals, complaints and/or comments, please visit the California Department of Developmental Services' web page or call 916-654-1987.



Past Banquet Awardees

21st Annual Gala
Davis Factor (Visionary Award)
Angie & Moise Hendles (Honorees)

Rabbi Hyman and Frances Agress (Special Tribute)
ETTA Youth Board (Hendeles Young Leadership Award)
20th Annual Gala
Michael A. Baruch (Visionary Award)
Liebe & Ivor Geft (ETTA's Champions)

Michelle Wolf (Professional Leadership Award)
Moshe Bienenfeld (Hendeles Young Leadership Award)

19th Annual Gala Banquet

ETTA & OHEL: Transforming Tomorrow Together

ETTA Young Professionals (Youth Leadership Award)

18th Annual Gala Banquet

Lynn & David Mayer (Honorees)

Susan North Gilboa (Children's Champion Award)

Ariela Kauffman (Youth Leadership Award)

Elianna Mellon  (Youth Leadership Award)

Jacob Katz  (Youth Leadership Award)

17th Annual Gala Banquet

Elaine Hall (Children's Champion Award)

Avi Pinsky (Youth Leadership Award)

David Statman (Youth Leadership Award)

Tamar Benzaquen (Youth Leadership Award)

16th Annual Gala Banquet

Esther Levine (Youth Leadership Award)

Daniel Schwartz (Youth Leadership Award)

Rita Miller Statman (Youth Leadership Award)

15th Annual Gala Banquet

Adeena Kempe (Youth Leadership Award)

Jennifer (Shulman) Samson (Youth Leadership Award)

14th Annual Gala Banquet

Terry & Holly Magady (Honorees)

Avi Heyman (Youth Leadership Award)

Sam Ross (Youth Leadership Award)

Dovid Levine (Youth Leadership Award)

Daphna Teichman (Youth Leadership Award)

13th Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. Sylvain & Linda Silberstein (Honorees)

Menachem Litenatsky (Children's Champion Award)

12th Annual Gala Banquet

David Suissa (Honoree)

Valerie Vanaman (Children's Champion Award)

11th Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. Michael Held (Honoree)

10th Annual Gala Banquet

Aaron & Rickey Bloom (Honorees)

Richard L. Goldman (Children’s Champion Award)

9th Annual Gala Banquet

Focus on Youth

8th Annual Gala Banquet

Benefiting ETTA Center Group Home for Women and the Ner Shoshana Fund

7th Annual Gala Banquet

Kam & Lily Babaoff (Honorees)

6th Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. Ron & Cheryl Nagel (Honorees)

5th Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. Irving & Shirley Lebovics (Honorees)

4th Annual Gala Banquet

Ruben Zacarias (Children's Champion Award)

3rd Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. David & Edi Boxstein (Honorees)

Dr. Mel Levine (Children's Champion Award)

2nd Annual Gala Banquet

Michael & Susanne Kest (Honorees)

Barbara Cull (Children's Champion Award)

1st Annual Gala Banquet

Dr. Robert & Agi Adler (Honorees)