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  • ETTA opens 3nd Day Program group
  • New ETTA office location open in Hancock Park

ETTA programs and services are vendored by the California Regional Center system. To locate a Regional Center in your area, please visit their website. To file appeals, complaints and/or comments, please visit the California Department of Developmental Services' web page or call 916-654-1987.



Our History

Mrs. Etta Israel (1900-1990) believed in the potential of every person with special needs. During her lifetime she taught classes in which learning and developmentally disabled students thrived. In her will, she left a bequest directing that her modest estate be used to create a Center that would help families with special needs experience success in all aspects of their lives. Founded in 1993, the ETTA Center is the realization of that dream. That dream continues to be sustained through the volunteers and donors of the ETTA family.

1993: Talmud Torah established

1993: Kesher Youth Programs

1994: Sibling Support Group

1995: Camp Avraham Moshe

1995: The “Aleph” Class, a self-contained special education classroom for children with special needs

1995: High School Inclusion for students with Learning Disabilities

1996: Full Inclusion services for students with developmental disabilities

1996: Darrison Family Shabbaton Program begins

1996: Iranian American Support Group

1997: Community Educational Series with Prominent Guest Speakers:  Dr. Robert Brooks, Rick Lavoie, Dr. Mel Levine

1998: Schools Attuned

2000: Feder Family Group Home for men opens – first residential program in Los Angles for the adults with  developmental

2002: Ner Shoshana class opens – first high school for girls with developemental disabilities

2002: Sohacheski Group Home for women opens

2003: Ner Yaakov Class for boys with learning disabilities opens at Yeshivat Yavneh

2006: Ryzman Family Group Home for men opens

2007: Ner Yaakov class for boys with learning disabilities opens at Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn/Toras Emes Academy.

2010: 4th Group Home purchased –Aaron Bloom Home

2010: All Group Homes now under banner of Jack E. Gindi, z”l, Residential Services

2011: J-CHAI™ case management and specialized support established

2012: 4th Group Home, the Aaron Bloom Home, opens

2013: Menlo Adult Day Services program opens

2013: Regional-Center Vendored Supported Living Services and Independent Living Services opens

We are proud of our accomplishments, which go beyond each child and adult with special needs that we touch. Students, employees and volunteers alike tell us they are transformed by their contact with the ETTA Center to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life. 

We’ve come far, and we’re going further – join us on our journey.