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  • ETTA opens 3nd Day Program group
  • New ETTA office location open in Hancock Park

ETTA programs and services are vendored by the California Regional Center system. To locate a Regional Center in your area, please visit their website. To file appeals, complaints and/or comments, please visit the California Department of Developmental Services' web page or call 916-654-1987.



Who is OHEL's Children’s Home and Family Services (OHEL)?
OHEL (meaning tent in Hebrew) is the largest and premier provider of special services to the Jewish Community on the East Coast. OHEL has over 44 years of experience, six division – OHEL Foster Care, OHEL Lifetime Care, OHEL Mental Health, Camp Kaylie at OHEL, OHEL Bais Ezra, and the OHEL Institute of Training – a staff of 1300, 425 adults in residential care, and thousands of clients.
OHEL has offices and regional centers in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, and now, with ETTA, in California.

Who is ETTA?
ETTA is the innovative provider of services to Jews with special needs on the West Coast. ETTA has 4 divisions: Educational Services, Jack E. Gindi, z"l, Residential Services, Youth & Volunteer Services, and J-CHAI (Jewish Community Housing for Adult Independence). ETTA also runs a summer day camp, offers independent living/case management services, and houses the largest Iranian outreach program in the country.

Why are ETTA and OHEL merging?
OHEL had been looking for a West Coast partner to anchor their tent for national expansion, so that their expertise could be communicated and shared on a national scale, expanding their reach and voice to people with challenges. In ETTA, OHEL gains a cutting-edge, beloved and professional West Coast partner who shares the same goals and approach, the same professionalism and focus on service excellence, and the same depth of warmth and care for clients. 
ETTA had been looking for a partner with expertise in governance, infrastructure, fundraising, and strategic thinking, and who could help ETTA address the growing needs it sees in the Los Angeles community for educational, recreational and residential services for families with children with developmental and learning disabilities. In OHEL, ETTA gains a premier, national Jewish partner organization with the same philosophy: serve the entire family, and include and integrate people with disabilities.
Together, ETTA and OHEL can further meet the needs of the community – for example, ETTA and OHEL together are the largest provider of residential services for Jewish adults nationally.
This merger is a true partnership – ETTA and OHEL will share expertise, ideas, and governance (for example, the new joint board).
This development enhances and enriches our Los Angeles community. We are all growing together, a premier role model of inclusion, integration, services and acceptance.
Together, ETTA and OHEL are even stronger. Together, ETTA and OHEL offer a lifetime commitment to care. Together with you, ETTA and OHEL are embarking on a dynamic, exciting journey of building and new possibilities.

What stays the same and what changes?
ETTA maintains its original mission while expanding our services and securing our future. ETTA´s name does not change, nor does its management, local leadership, programs, or CA non-profit structure. What ETTA adds to the mix is the support of a larger, secure partner to help us with planning, development and infrastructure.

How are ETTA and OHEL different?
ETTA and OHEL differ mainly in scope. OHEL is older, larger, and provides a much broader base of social services, affecting the lives of thousands of individuals and families each year (for example, foster care and domestic violence). While OHEL is the preeminent provider of services to the Jewish community, it additionally serves a significant population of individuals of all races and faiths.

How are ETTA and OHEL the same?
ETTA and OHEL are more alike than different.

We share a philosophy of serving the entire family, inclusion and integration of people with disabilities. We share the same goals and approach, the same consistently cutting-edge perspective, the same professionalism and focus on service excellence, the same passion and beliefs, and the same depth of warmth and care for clients. 
This merger opens ETTA’s horizons, with a new, bright future for ETTA and the Los Angeles Jewish community – be a part of it!
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